The beginning of adulthood is like a race. Everyone’s running, some are faster and some are slower. You suddenly realise you don’t know why you’re running, or what you’re running towards. But it’s too late to stop, because otherwise you’ll just get run over. The search for a job is something like that. Although if you’re searching for a job in another country, it’s like running the same race but now you have to jump-rope your way to the finish. Unless you trip up and get trampled over, obviously. Continue reading “GET A JOB!”


University: Truths and Fallacies


Where do I begin? It’s been quite an eventful 3 months. University is a funny place. It’s all-consuming and loud and messy and fascinating and new. Moving to a new country for university is an even bigger challenge. But it’s beautiful. New places become familiar, strangers become friends and home becomes dearer. I found out that I’d got into the University of Warwick in July and I left in September. Continue reading “University: Truths and Fallacies”

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