Weight A Minute


Indian relatives have always been the epitome of kindness and sensitivity. They’re never rude or brash; instead, they’re understanding and compassionate. They’re not shallow and they understand that beauty is not only skin-deep. I also admire that they are hardly ever out of line and that’s why, when my cousin recently attended a family wedding, the first thing they told her, was: Continue reading “Weight A Minute”


The Best Movie You Will Ever See

Is it one of those days when you’ve finally exhausted all means of entertainment? Have you weaned yourself off of Tumblr and Facebook? Are you lying on the ground and staring glassy-eyed at your whirring ceiling-fan? Have no further worries because I, an experienced ceiling-watcher (I’ve done that for two hours at a stretch once), am here to coax you out of your catatonic stupor. Continue reading “The Best Movie You Will Ever See”

The Highly Judgmental Indian Wedding


The wedding season is here! And along with it come the heavy saris that shine like a moisturized baby’s bottom, the skirts scattered with sequins that shimmer with the reflection of the blinding sun and the thick ties of the 80s that come in disastrous colours. Continue reading “The Highly Judgmental Indian Wedding”

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