I Am What I Bleed


It all started 6 years ago. I was in the 5th grade and my class teachers were planning a school trip to a nearby town. A hundred chatty students were to go there by bus, engage in a little sightseeing and return at night. Continue reading “I Am What I Bleed”


The Heat Is On

heatThe Sun is out in all it’s blazing glory and pooping its beams of heat ubiquitously over the Indian Subcontinent. Gone are the days of sweaters and cold breezes. T-shirts drenched in sickly, odorous sweat is a look that everyone seems to sport these days. Continue reading “The Heat Is On”

The Highly Judgmental Indian Wedding


The wedding season is here! And along with it come the heavy saris that shine like a moisturized baby’s bottom, the skirts scattered with sequins that shimmer with the reflection of the blinding sun and the thick ties of the 80s that come in disastrous colours. Continue reading “The Highly Judgmental Indian Wedding”

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