Peculiar People in Dance Class


Hello strangers.

Now, I’m guessing a lot of you probably love to bust a move or break down on the dance floor. But, a lesser few of you mostly just end up looking like electrocuted walruses. Well, the obvious answer to your worries would be to join a dance class so you can begin your transformation from walrus to swan, but don’t make a snap judgement that dance class will change your life for the better. Continue reading “Peculiar People in Dance Class”


Bathroom Dancing

Dancing in the Shower

Hello Strangers. Have YOU ever tripped in the bathroom because of popping and locking too much? Have you ever fox trotted your way to the bathroom glass and hit yourself in the head? Have you jived through the falling water, hit the shower knob and ended up with a bleeding knee? I feel for you, fellow dancers. I understand your passion and sympathize with your pain. Continue reading “Bathroom Dancing”

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