I Am What I Bleed


It all started 6 years ago. I was in the 5th grade and my class teachers were planning a school trip to a nearby town. A hundred chatty students were to go there by bus, engage in a little sightseeing and return at night. Continue reading “I Am What I Bleed”


The Best Movie You Will Ever See

Is it one of those days when you’ve finally exhausted all means of entertainment? Have you weaned yourself off of Tumblr and Facebook? Are you lying on the ground and staring glassy-eyed at your whirring ceiling-fan? Have no further worries because I, an experienced ceiling-watcher (I’ve done that for two hours at a stretch once), am here to coax you out of your catatonic stupor. Continue reading “The Best Movie You Will Ever See”

A Fitness Foot Forward


As I log into my Facebook account, I let out an envious sigh as another one of my distant friends has posted a Transformation picture. For those who are unaware, this is not some sort of photoshopped car-robot ‘Transformers’ image. This is actually a collage of a ‘Before & After’ picture which may or may not include the many touch-ups of Photoshop. Podgy, pimply girls magically convert into stunning swan-like women and grouchy, flabby boys turn into sexy, muscular men. Continue reading “A Fitness Foot Forward”

The Heat Is On

heatThe Sun is out in all it’s blazing glory and pooping its beams of heat ubiquitously over the Indian Subcontinent. Gone are the days of sweaters and cold breezes. T-shirts drenched in sickly, odorous sweat is a look that everyone seems to sport these days. Continue reading “The Heat Is On”

The Highly Judgmental Indian Wedding


The wedding season is here! And along with it come the heavy saris that shine like a moisturized baby’s bottom, the skirts scattered with sequins that shimmer with the reflection of the blinding sun and the thick ties of the 80s that come in disastrous colours. Continue reading “The Highly Judgmental Indian Wedding”

Peculiar People in Dance Class


Hello strangers.

Now, I’m guessing a lot of you probably love to bust a move or break down on the dance floor. But, a lesser few of you mostly just end up looking like electrocuted walruses. Well, the obvious answer to your worries would be to join a dance class so you can begin your transformation from walrus to swan, but don’t make a snap judgement that dance class will change your life for the better. Continue reading “Peculiar People in Dance Class”

Road Rage


My mother is a wonderful woman. She is kind and gentle and generous. She hardly has a temper and she always has her head on her shoulders. But if you ever sit in a car with her, I must ask you to brace yourself. She drives well; that isn’t the issue. Continue reading “Road Rage”

I Want This

The Stalker is Watching


He cautiously looked around. His eyes darted fearfully and scanned the area for any prying eyes. Now this man was no detective or spy. He was a respectable man working at a bank, but what he was about to do was super secretive. Continue reading “The Stalker is Watching”

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